Plants and trees need a healthy environment to thrive, just like humans do.

Tree Disease Treatment

Many trees are susceptible to a variety of diseases, such as Dutch Elm’s disease and Sycamore Anthracnose. We can take some preventative measures to help protect your trees for years.

Insect & Mite Treatment

Insects and mites can infest your trees, weakening them and increasing the chance of an accidental fall. We can take help keep your trees clear of pests, so you don’t have to worry about anything imperiling your tree’s health.


Micro injection is an environmentally safe way to place insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers into trees.

Mycorrhizal Root Inoculation

One of the more advanced technologies we use when tending to your trees and shrubs is mycorrhizal inoculation of the root systems. Mycorrhizae is a natural occurring beneficial soil fungi that is sometimes depleted in construction damaged or compacted soils. Reincorporating this vital soil and root building block results in healthier, longer living trees and shrubs.

Root Fertilization

As a home and tree owner, you can assist in promoting a healthy tree by maintaining your trees’ soil. We design our fertilizers and soil to create the perfect blend of nutrients that will help your trees grow tall and strong. Please ask us about organic options to help the surrounding environment even more.

Winter Proofing of Shrubs & Antidessicant

Applying an anti-desiccant will help make sure your shrubs stay healthy through the winter.